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 Minutes of our AGM held this week

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Minutes of our AGM held this week Empty
PostSubject: Minutes of our AGM held this week   Minutes of our AGM held this week Icon_minitimeWed Dec 05, 2007 12:13 pm

Don, Jim and Dave

Jennifer, Simon, Tony, Tobias, Sophie

No longer working in Apple:
Alex, Kamila

Snorkel and Training Officer's Report:
12 new snorkellers at the start of the year.
Tobias, Frida and Sophie got certified as Senior Snorkellers.
Other members would need to complete the training.
I organised 12 open water snorkels. One snorkel no one turned up. Some snorkels less than two turned up.
Members will probably need to invest in warmer snorkelling gear.
We are now full members of CFT.

Winter Snorkelling:
-I organise snorkelling for Cork SAC during the end of December, January and February. I'll cc Apple Snorkel club with this. I would recommend a warmer suit that a 3mm for this.
-No Apple snorkels will be organised until May.

Completion of Training:
Will look at running pool sessions again in April.

Budget for next year:
4 pool sessions again.
Same funding as last year.
Submit a budget in April next year when we have an idea of numbers for training.

National Snorkelling Officer Meeting:
We'll hold off unless he contacts us. Dave would like to discuss Underwater Hockey with him.

Snorkel Instructor Course:
It would be good if Sophie, Frida and Tobias could do this course. It would help out the club.
<CFT 608 Snorkle leader and instructor course.doc>

Our Accounts This year:

Affiliation fees to CFT from members: (11x25 + 50) = €325. From S&S: (13x25) = €325. Total = €650.
Senior snorker fees = 12 x €2 = €24
Pool Hire - 2 hours. (Paid by S&S) = €242
Log Book (paid by S&S) = 12 x €5 = €60

Club runs a policy of keeping no balance.

Apple Snorkel Club Budget 2007:

You are not covered for snorkelling activities next year until CFT fees are paid.
We need to register the club which involves two members of the club paying their affiliation fees to CFT. Dave and Don will do this.

Our Constitution:

Election of Officers:
Chairperson: Dave Riordan. Proposed by Don. Seconded by Jim.
Snorkel and Training Officer: Don McCarthy. Proposed by Dave. Seconded by Jim.
Secretary and Treasurer: Frida Lundgren. Proposed by Don. Seconded by Dave.

Any Other Business:
We'll organise a committee meeting before the snorkel instructor course.

Cheers, Don.
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Minutes of our AGM held this week
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